Men Hurt Too

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The emotional and psychological effects on a man after the loss of his child may vary from the way women may respond to the abortion.  Society tells us that abortion is a woman’s issue and care very little for the opinion or feelings of the father. While less is known about the emotional impact of abortion on fathers, the main difference between men and women is that women physically experience the abortion. As a result, the stress can be varied depending upon the father’s involvement in the decision. A post-abortive father can fall into several groups as listed below:

  • He insisted or forced his wife or girlfriend to have an abortion.
  • He allowed his wife or girlfriend to make the decision to abort.
  • He didn’t want the abortion to take place and tried actively to prevent it.
  • He found out about the abortion after it was completed and had no voice in the decision.

The most evident symptom in men due to the loss of a child from abortion is anger. Not being able to protect and provide for your unborn child may express itself through anger and frustration.

If you are a man struggling with a past abortion decision, understand that you are not alone in your emotions. Millions of other men share your pain.

CARE provides abortion recovery bible studies for men, by men that have been where you are.  If you have an abortion in your past and would like to speak to someone please contact:


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