Written by Amy Anderson, CARE Facilitator, from the point of view of her son she lost due to abortion

Hi Mom,

It’s me and I wanted to let you know I can’t wait to meet you.  You’ll love it when you get here; it is simply “heavenly.”

I know that June 23 is a date you will never forget, but don’t be sad for me.  I entered this beautiful place in the arms of Jesus, the Holy One, and my heavenly birthday was established.  I felt His love from the moment I was in His arms.  There was a warm glow that surrounded Him as He held me.

God granted you an image of me one evening when you poured out your heart to Him and prayed to see me.  I know how much you think about me, and how you long for our reunion.  That is a promise from God!  By the way, guess who else I have seen here, and will greet you when you join us?  Gamps, Ganny, and Grandma are here, and they knew that I belonged to you.  I have heard so many things about you, and my brother and sisters.  Even though we have been separated for so many years; I can’t wait to meet them and the others who will join us.

Growing up here, I have held Jesus’ hand and walked through Paradise with all of the other children who are here.  Mom, there is no doubt that He loves us, all His children, even those of us who never met our earthly moms or dads. There are children who have entered here for different reasons and at different ages.  We are all whole and restored. He wants parents to know that, and to know that they can be reunited with their children.  Mom, I know the hurt and pain that you suffered.  When you made the decision that brought me to heaven before you met me, God forgave you and He has given your grace and mercy from the experience.  Now He is asking you to extend that to others.

Heaven is my home, and God has spoken to me that He is using your story, our story right now for His glory; showing others what grace and forgiveness feels like because you have received it to tell others that they can have it too, they just need to confess their sins, and ask God to forgive them.  They can ask Him to dwell in their hearts forever as they transform into a child of His.

Because I never lived on earth, I don’t know sin, I am a product of sin, but I live in the presence of the Almighty God.  Please, Mom, express to them that if they know Jesus, they have a dwelling place in heaven where they will be reunited with their babies one day, just as we will.  I know you have received that assurance and that is what you want to share with them; that God’s forgiveness, grace, and mercy is theirs for the asking.  Let them know they don’t have to hold on to the burden of that sin, because there is redemption through the power of Jesus Christ.

Mom, I long to see you, just as you long to see me, and we know one day it will happen because you know Jesus.  You have a story to tell that will bring reassurance, and joy to others, that they too can be reunited with their children.

For so many years you let your fears of someone finding out about you keep you from receiving God’s redemption and grace, and forgiveness.  What would they think of you?  Yet God knew.  He knew and forgave you, and His love never ends.  Now He is using you for His glory.

On the day that He revealed to you that you had a story to tell, you reached out to a Bible study that offered healing that you needed.  This is your desire to share with others that God has always been there, and there is healing through Him.  Help is available, through CARE, and that Jesus is waiting with arms wide open to begin the healing process.

One final thing mom, the things of earth are nothing compared to what is here in the midst of this beautiful place.  On your arrival, I’ll be running to embrace our love.


Christopher Scott