By: Amy Anderson

Is your abortion experience consuming your thoughts? Is the guilt weighing on you? Do you feel that your life is bound by chains of anger, bitterness, guilt, depression? Life is full of struggles, and obstacles that you feel you have to carry all alone. You may have given yourself the verdict that God wouldn’t love me or forgive me. Releasing the guilt, shame, anger that you had to deal with your abortion experience is a start to a path of freedom.

God will give you the way to break those chains. He accepts you the way you are, broken.

Forgiveness is there if you only ask and seek Him. Get to know the heart of God. You can change the verdict you have placed on yourself or others that had to do with your abortion experience. How would it feel if God said, “your sins are forgiven?” Start making those changes to feel like you are walking free.

CARE holds weekend bible studies that will help you begin the road to healing your broken heart due to abortion. There are facilitators that will walk beside you that have had those experiences and are willing to give you the guidance you need to start walking free.  You just have to say I am willing to hear God’s love and mercy even when I don’t feel like I am worthy.