By: Amy Anderson

Are you restless, feeling unworthy, shameful, or just a failure? Do you feel like you are
in a prison full of darkness, anger, guilt, and depression because of the abortion you had?

Look up, see your Heavenly Father, in Him you have your identity. He loves you and
already knows everything about you, even your abortion. Not long ago we observed
Easter. The man, Jesus died on the cross for you. His blood covered and took away all
our sins. We are redeemed by His blood. Condemnation was set free.

Would you like to break out of the prison that you are in? You can receive forgiveness
and feel His redemptive love by starting your journey through a weekend Bible Study
through CARE. You will be accepted and feel God’s mercy and grace pour out on you.

Come for a weekend of healing and freedom. You too, can write your redemption story.