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Let Healing Begin

CARE offers recovery, gender-specific recovery studies that are designed to bring individuals together who share abortion in their past. Although abortion is becoming more freely discussed in our society, many men and women have pain and experiences that they don’t feel comfortable telling anyone. Millions of people have held this secret inside for years, and many are suffering severe consequences. Our recovery study simply allows men and women who need help to connect with others of the same gender who can help. It is the desire of CARE to see deep and abiding healing for all participants.

The main objectives of our Recovery Studies is for participants to:

  • Understand God’s character and His attributes.
  • Truly accept God’s forgiveness for their sin of abortion
  • Forgive those that played a part in their abortion decision.
  • Recognize and learn how to deal with denial, anger, depression, guilt and shame.
  • Learn how to let go of the pain of their past decision so that they may function better in their marriages, as parents, and in all other relationships.
  • Truly walk in freedom, to be set free with nothing missing and nothing broken.

With our recovery study each chapter builds upon the next, ensuring that all areas directly affected by an abortion receive a healing touch from God. These studies are confidential and non-judgmental. We strive to show the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to each participant, provide a safe environment for healing and restoration, and offer a sense of hope and purpose for the future.  Every recovery study facilitator is required to complete a recovery study before facilitating a study.

If you have abortion in your past, please join us for our next study.

“Being a facilitator has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Experiencing God’s amazing healing in my own life and then watching this same healing wash over others as we go through the study is nothing short of a modern day miracle.  Facilitating is a gift from God I never expected to receive. I stepped out of my comfort zone purely to help others but have been gifted with so much more from my heavenly Father. Facilitating has brought wonderful new relationships with so many varied and wonderful ladies and a deeper, richer relationship with God.”

Barbara, Bible Study Facilitator

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